Der Experte in Systemen für moderne Krankenhäuser

As an independent consulting company, Bionius analyses the problems of healthcare institutions or organizations, and the projects of device manufacturers, of system developers or of biotechnology research laboratories.
Based on our knowledge and experience in the domains of information and communication technology, of healthcare, of medical technology, and of life sciences, we offer a broad range of advisory services:

analyses of

  • projects and requirements, confronted to human, technical and financial resources
  • optimization of staff, processes, equipment, corporate or organizational structure

quality management

  • quality reports - on the basis of qualitative and legal requirements as well as guidelines
  • certifications - consulting assistance and realization concepts


  • investment consulting - independent criteria for hospitals, labs, corporate ventures
  • calls for tenders - steps of analysis, requirements, comparison, implementation

project management

  • supportive counselling - analysis, description, implementation, control
  • outsourcing - financial and technical optimization, effectively neutral

management consulting

  • strategic planning / consulting

information management

  • tasks, tools and analyses relating to information and communication
  • convergence of systems in case of partnership, absorption or merge


We analyse

  • requirements,
  • processes,
  • costs,
  • utilization,
  • staff,
  • productivity,
  • technology,
  • infrastructure,
  • market,
  • resources

From this we derive validation of projects, appraisal of feasibility, suggestion of improvements.

Quality Management

Icon Qualität

We assist in the implementation of quality requirements based on internal and external quality standards that are either legally mandatory or suggested as guidelines.

We can help seamlessly any member of organization, in any position, to face the need of formal specifications or of restructuring measures.


Legal certifications are substantially used for classification. They require several formalities.
However a certification is also a chance of improving the rank of an organization.
Depending on the certification subject, we can bring our support at each step of the folder: planning, application, implementation.


We advise

  • hospitals modernizing their medical technology or their information systems, labs of biotech,
  • labs of biotech wishing a market analysis, searching for grants, or preparing a capital increase,
  • investors requiring a second opinion about opportunities in the domain of healthcare or biotech.

In hospital IT and medical technology, we first trend to improve the utilization concepts, and to enlarge the synergies between partners or suppliers of the hospital, including by optimizing the integration between existing processes or systems.

In life science technology, we confront the projects to the existing alternatives, to the funding possibilities and to the market expectations.

In venture advices related to those domains of hospital IT, medical technology, and life science technology, we avoid considering that the book-keeping statements and the commercial theoretical projections are the only guidelines. We give an equal importance to the precise analysis of the technical and scientific value of the devices, systems, processes or molecules being in the background of any corporate project of participation, merger, absorption, increase of capital, transfer of ownership.


Issuing a tender means collecting multiple requirements, and describing them very precisely.

In the domain of the hospital-IT, our very long experience next to the users at the successive steps of planning, ordering, implementing and supporting, puts us in position to understand the needs, to anticipate the objections and to prevent the problems.

We can support the overall process: as-is analysis, statement of requirements, invitations to participate, analysis of the offers, control of the implementation.

Project Management

We can assist the projects of hospitals, labs, organizations, associations, or individual professionals.

Issuing a project often underestimates its resources consuming and its unexpected problems.

Our project management starts by recording the existing context, from all its sides and its interactive links.
On the basis of that analysis and of our experience, we build or advise a precise project with the constant aim of going straight to the point and of preventing any waste of time or of financial resources.
We can control effectively a project in its evolution, its achievement and its results, and keep later an advisory role.

Management Consulting

Nowadays the competition is general; all conditions change fast; misguided or postponed decisions arouse no leniency.

Such pressures impose subtle strategies, selected investments always compared with alternatives, cost reductions yet preserving the improvement of the processes and of the quality.

This is a challenge to all managers and it affects various domains: funds acquiring an interest in a biotech firm, research labs optimizing their resource allocations, organizations or associations justifying their distributed grants, producers of medical devices or systems wishing a second opinion about the market evolution, hospital managers having besides to integrate multiple parameters: medical safety of the patients, professional wishes of the physicians, speeding-up of the diagnoses and treatments for shortening the staying, rising scores at the quality controls and in the scientific ranking.

Our experts hail from different backgrounds (economics, medicine, computer science, biotechnology, engineering) and are able to assist the managers with several aims:

  • funding negotiation
  • equities structuration
  • corporate evaluation
  • partnership proposal
  • investment strategy
  • resources optimization
  • performance improvement
  • processes revision
  • market analysis
  • alliances enhancement
  • projects accompaniment
  • rank rising
  • planning coordination
  • systems integration
  • deliveries supervision
  • workflow recommendation

Information Management

Information and communication play an increasing role in many activities relating somehow to the healthcare: labs documenting the exclusivity of their researches, funding institutions evaluating projects, investors preparing corporate operations, producers of devices or systems exploring the market, hospital managers publishing provided services, medical or paramedical staff using or issuing patient folders.

Our experts can:

  • provide a spot task consisting of a specific investigation
  • propose tools facilitating the autonomous data mining
  • panalyze potential projects based on any of the systems available for labs and hospitals, like:
    • portal for the in and out information of patients and general practitioners
    • communication server
    • EPR and HIS
    • LIS
    • PACS and PACS 2.0
    • clinical management software, endoscopy software, cardio info system
    • telemedicine, teleradiology, tele-endoscopy
    • intra-muros or extra-muros archiving
    • data transmission to providers of second opinion, and in a group of hospitals.

The tendency to concentration is presently general in and around the healthcare domain. It affects the producers of devices, systems and services, but also the hospitals as such. The partnership between institutions can select different ways: grouping of purchases, sharing of services, mutual referencing, selection of respective specializations, spot or structured collaborations, juridical absorption or merger.

A merger of hospitals involves the need of homogenizing the processes, of integrating the systems, of optimizing the network, of maybe migrating data, and of solving index problems affecting the archives and databases. Our experts are experienced in bringing efficient solutions to such problems.