The collaborators of Bionius are physicians, engineers, computer scientists, or economists. They act in team and their collective background makes them able to propose the optimal solutions.

They have participated from the beginning in the digital conversion of the healthcare and have covered all the steps related to that digitizing: analysis, installation, full service. The activity has been progressively enlarged to most of the domains related to the hospital-ICT and to the medical technology.

Bionius has built strong partnerships after a careful screening of the products and services, and of the related pricings. The same attention is brought to the combination of individual products, when a project requires very specific features; in that case, the expertise of Bionius in the integration matters facilitates the matching of those different products. .


Bionius covers all the steps of the analysis of a problem, and of the building of a project, in the domains of the hospital-ICT and of the medical technology.

So those services include: the consulting, the project management in all its parts (technical, commercial, financial), the installation, the first line support with maintenance and upgrades.

Consulting, auditing, project management

The fast evolution of the digitizing, archiving, remote transmission, hardware and information systems exposes the hospitals to the risk of individual solutions not matching with each other, which generates troubles or costs and spoils the resources of the medical, technical, and administrative staffs.

General enterprise

Bionius prepares, installs and supports global solutions of hospital-ICT and of medical technology. The selection of its components is based on their quality/price rate, on their respective features, and on their ability to match with the other components that are planned or that already exist in the hospital.
The global project management of Bionius cares of a coherent installation process, preserving the workflow of the departments during the installation phase.
Bionius takes care that the individual components having to be installed will interact harmoniously with each other.
The guarantee given by Bionius for the global solution that it supplies, does not delete the guarantee given by each producer of individual component, but on the opposite duplicates that guarantee, and aims at enhancing the general performance of the global solution.
To use Bionius as unique channel preserves the hospital from the risks of any discussion between the producers of individual components. In case of any breakdown, Bionius has to take care globally, and to involve secondarily the concerned producer if necessary.

Installation and first line service

Bionius runs the first line service of several solutions of hospital-ICT and of medical technology.
That service includes the preparation, the installation, the upgrade and the support.
The collaborators of Bionius work in network, from several locations covering various regions. That dispersion shortens the distances and facilitates the physical presence of Bionius technicians on any site when necessary.

Bionius runs a global maintenance that often includes a remote control of the installed systems and uses therefore specific tools providing a proactive survey of the software and hardware.
For the components which are not stemming from Bionius itself, that access duplicates the remote control of the respective producers of those components. The duplication of the remote control is based on the harmonious collaboration between Bionius running the global first line service, and its partners being the respective producers of the installed components and managing individually the second line service related to those installed components.

As system integrator, Bionius takes specially care of matching together all the installed systems and subsystems of hospital-ICT and of medical technology.


  • Patient databases
  • Multimedia
  • GIMS
  • PACS
  • material management
  • tracking